Strategic Communications

At Story Imprinting, we’re a team of storytellers and media pros who are turning the idea of traditional PR on its head.

But we’re different in a critical way: we are grounded at the intersection of storytelling and business. Your PR plan is nothing if your whole team — from the C-suite to the newest, freshest hire — understands your story and how to tell it.


Story touches every single aspect of corporate strategy. The challenge? To create narrative consistency so every member of your team is telling the same stories in the same elegant way.

We devote a full day to an in-person story mining session, where we’ll interview the principals of the organization to help us identify, catalogue, and capture your best stories — which we compile in an easy-to-use Narrative Imprinting Brand Story for every member of your team.


We offer a complete suite of PR services (think media training, pitching and promoting positive stories, crisis communications and guidance, copywriting, and social media) to a client roster that includes large corporations, industry trade associations, nonprofits, law firms, and more. We’re seasoned at helping companies weather internal change and external conflict, and our team’s years spent on deadline in journalism, law, and business trained us to think fast on our feet and tell concise stories that move people.

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